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This Animal Restaurant Guide application is a guide application that contains guides, information and tips on playing the Animal Restaurant Game

In this Animal Restaurant Guide application you will find complete guides and information as well as easy-to-understand tips so you won’t be confused when playing the Animal Restaurant Game.

Animal Restaurant is a cute restaurant sim game from Wei Wang. Chef Gumi’s restaurant attracts adorable critters from all over the world. Manage her new eatery by promoting her restaurant to draw new customers to her delightful eating house, learn new recipes and install facilities and furniture to ensure customers don’t leave without eating their favorite dishes. As more and more animals visit your restaurant, hire adorable feline staff to improve services and earnings.

You start your business by placing tables for customers and stoves to cook food. Critters come and order food at the table. Tap meal bubbles above them to cook food on the stoves. After eating their favorite dishes, animals pay in cods, which is the game’s currency.

There are plenty of things to do in chef Gumi’s Animal Restuarant! With the help of these tips and tricks, find out how to earn a lot of cods, increase star ratings, unlock new customers and promotion methods and get cool bonuses.

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