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Cover Fire is a first-person shooter where players take control of a small group of mercenaries to take on Tetracorp, a large corporation with evil intent to rule over various areas of the planet, conquering its people and retrieving valuable resources. Fortunately, our group of heroes jumps in to stop them. Overall, the control system in Cover Fire fits perfectly with touchscreen devices. You’ll aim your weapon by swiping your finger to the left. On the right side there is also a trigger button, but most importantly, you don’t have to make sure your character moves to the nearest shelter because it will do it automatically. The story mode includes more than 60 missions, and in each one you have to team up with and fight different characters. Plus, each character lets you use a variety of weapons. You’ll get access to sniper rifles, machine guns, missile launchers, and more. As you play and climb your way to the top, you can also unlock tons of new skills and soldiers. Cover Fire is an excellent shooter that offers not only spectacular graphics, but also tons of weapons and missions. The last shot in each mission will remind you of the slow motion perspective of Sniper

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