Squad Alpha Guide app is guide app for Squad Alpha Game

In this Squad Alpha Guide application you will get guides, information, tips on how to play the Squad Alpha game, please study it first in this application before you play the game

In this Squad Alpha Guide application you will get complete information and guidance

Squad Alpha is a fast-paced top-down shooter game. Featuring 3D stick figures wielding the world’s most powerful guns, the game lets you equip weapons ranging from magnums to Uzis, even laser rifles.

You will be hiring “agents” whose task is to eliminate the bad guys for cash. Reminds me of Hitman, but there are few stealth kill opportunities in this shooter. Yes you can equip a sniper rifle to go for a silent kill, but a sniper has a longer reload time and few ammo loaded. You can take cover behind the wall and shoot, and sometimes may even shoot an unsuspecting enemy from behind. Be quick in switching weapons to find the best one for the right situation.

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Hopefully this Squad Alpha Guide application can help you

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