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This Tears of Themis Guide application is a guide application in which there are guides, information and tips you need to play the Tears of Themis game.

In this application you will get complete, simple and easy to understand guidelines, information and tips about Tears of Themis so you will not experience confusion when playing the game.

Tears or Themis is an excellent detective/courtroom drama game by miHoYo. Step into the shoes of a rookie attorney to solve complex cases. With the help of her detective friend Luke, she will investigate crime scenes, interrogate suspects and find clues to get to the truth. Action takes place in the courtroom, where you will have to help her present the correct evidence before the court, and get into intense “debates” with the suspects and their attorney to defeat them.

Tears of Themis also has Otome elements. You will get to interact with your crushes, be it your handsome boss Artem or your childhood friend Luke and even go on a date with them.

The main story is divided into episodes, where you will stumble upon new characters, find new cases, search for evidence and win verbal battles. Our beginner-level Tears of Themis tips, tricks and strategies will help you win debates, acquire cards and build a powerful deck.

Our application is completely free and does not charge any subscriptions
We are not affiliated with the Tears of Themis and is an amateur application
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Hopefully this Tears of Themis Guide application can make it easier for you to play the game Tears of Themis

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