Multiple Use Cases, One Employee Experience Solution

Help employees and operations make faster, reliable, data-driven decisions in real-time with a workplace experience app. We help you transform your workplace into a smart, innovative, and connected experience through space management, workplace analytics, visitor management, desk booking and more capabilities that create an end-to-end employee experience management platform.

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Workplace Solutions for Your Business Need

With over 150 native features and more than 75 partner integrations, we provide flexible workplace experience software that delivers a comprehensive hybrid workplace app for on-site, in-person, and remote workers. 

Transform Workplace Experience

Reduce app overload and make accessing the workplace easier with one login, one mobile app. Invest in a workplace experience partner throughout digital transformation as both employee experience technology and your company evolve.

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Spark Employee Engagement

Engage with employees in a more personal, effective way. Leverage on-demand features and instant communications with an employee engagement app that aligns with your culture, employee experience and DEI initiatives regardless of an employee's location. 

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Desk & Room Management

Effortlessly manage seating and room allocation with a desk management app. Allow employees to make informed decisions on when and where they show up, with real-time access to available desks and meeting spaces that make up the hybrid workplace.

Safely Return to Office

Position your office as a secure hub for collaboration, networking, and innovation. Use a corporate mobile app to automate routine interactions, meter on-site activities, quickly identify uses/unused spaces, and provide insights on how spaces are being used.

Employee Onboarding

Standardize your hybrid workplace onboarding program. Give new employees the tools and support they need to thrive on their first day and everyday with the best employee engagement app design for distributed teams.

Workplace Automation

Embrace a connected device strategy with workplace IoT. Leverage beacons, sensors, and access points to turn your workplace experience app into a digital asset and unlock the potential of your physical spaces.

Visitor Management

Have greater visibility to who enters the workplace with an integrated visitor management system. Receive push notifications through the corporate mobile app when your guest has arrived with bio and location-relevant details.

Space Management

Make your office hybrid ready with workspace  management software to support flexible work environments and desk booking. Increase control and visibility of workplace occupancy.

Workplace Solutions for Your Role

CXApp helps stakeholders in enterprise and mid-size companies navigate the evolving hybrid workplace with better employee engagement, decreased overhead, and improved insights with our workplace experience platform.

Workplace & Operations

Power a consistent and intelligent workplace experience that is equitable for all employees across a distributed work model. Use a workplace experience platform to lead with innovation across day-to-day operations.

CRE & Facilities Management

Improve utilization of spaces in the workplace with real-time access to data and analytics. Operationalize comfort, safety, and efficiency with workspace management software.

Human Resources & People

Remove friction between tools and experience and streamline company processes through an employee experience platform. Arm employees with the right resources and information to make the best possible decisions for their workday settings.

Information Technology

Reduce app overhead and consolidate existing workplace tech stack into a single point of entry. Use an IT workplace experience management tool for better mobility, scalability, connectivity, and ROI.

Workplace Solutions for Your Industry

Every industry and workplace is unique. Discover how we can tailor our app to solve your industry’s pain points and fulfill your workplace goals with a mobile employee app.

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CRE Services & Consultants

Deliver tenants & clients an all-in-one workplace solution that boosts productivity & collaboration across diverse workplace settings.

Financial Workplace

Organize, operate, and behave in a digital way to make the transition from remote to in-person work easier for human capital in the financial workplace with a mobile employee app.

Software & Hardware

Seamlessly adapt to hybrid and in-person workplace environments for dispersed teams across multiple floors, buildings, and locations while boosting employee experience.

Pharma & Medical Devices

Automate and contextualize interactions and experiences in the workplace and ensure your people, technology, and spaces are safe, secured, and working optimally.


Connect your people, technology and systems into one centralized solution that improves safety, makes information more accessible and reduces bottlenecks.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Offer a bespoke, personalized in-person and virtual experience to employees with a corporate mobile app that encapsulates the power of your brand.

Media & Communications

Bring your brand to life on your campus with a workplace app that offers messaging, features and resources that reflect your story and culture.

Elevate Your Workplace Experience

Use our resource library to reference trends, techniques and technologies that leading companies are using to manage their hybrid workplace.

Your employees deserve a workplace experience app that brings all the pieces together

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